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    Par J. L. le 28/Jui/2022 :

    Civilité : Hallo
    Commentaires : FAT Banana ist wirklich wie in den Daten beschrieben. Durchaus empfehlenswert Daher 4 Sterne

    Par C. D. le 19/Jui/2022 :

    Civilité : Rapide, facile, efficace
    Commentaires : La plante est très facile à cultiver, de plus le service client est excellent si un problème survient. N'hésitez plus...

    Par M. T. le 06/Jui/2022 :

    Civilité : Banana
    Commentaires : Ist schnell gekeimt sattes grün teilweise große Blätter wächst zügig und nach ca 3,5 Wochen in die Blüte gegangen

    Par C. A. le 29/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Ottima
    Commentaires : Semi sin da subito abbastanza forti con una elevata crescita. Consiglio questa qualità.

    Par A. L. le 29/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : my first seeds ever
    Commentaires : can't find a photos but that was my first seeds ever. I grew it last year and resulst were great even with whole of my rookie mistakes ;)

    Par B. I. le 24/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Brian
    Commentaires : C’est devenu un sapin 🌲 😱 énorme plantes de plus de 1,60m les têtes sont magnifiques et une grande récolte

    Par G. H. le 23/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Bonjour
    Commentaires : Super la floraison ce passe bien à refaire avec plaisir

    Par C. D. le 19/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : very good
    Commentaires : fast delivery , got my seeds in three days .one mishap however , only 4 out of the five germed ,i'll wait and see for the fifth one ,and what germs , in less than 48 hours ,they had roots that were more than 5 millimeters! peace out ....

    Par T. B. le 16/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Smooth and clean
    Commentaires : Relaxing, smooth, and clear minded. No jolts or jumps just a clean waterslide. Mine didn't grow very big but the spring was cold so that took an unfortunate toll (learn from me and research the weather!). What did yield was plenty satisfactory. I'll give this one another order.

    Par M. E. le 16/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : MrMr
    Commentaires : My favourite. It has all you need! Love 💚

    Par M. M. le 16/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Mister M.
    Commentaires : Tolles Produkt, top und diskret verpackt! Gerne Wieder!

    Par J. H. le 16/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Fat banana auto
    Commentaires : Awesome strain & big buds.

    Par M. H. le 12/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Meth Malte
    Commentaires : Super seed, cultivation worked brilliantly

    Par J. K. le 09/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Drea
    Commentaires : Toller Duft und Geschmack

    Par C. C. le 09/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : bellissima scoperta
    Commentaires : Era la prima volta che compravo questo seme. Consigliatissimo

    Par S. A. le 05/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : Deliciosa
    Commentaires : Deliciosa es como se puede describir mejor! Es una variedad con la q ya he tenido muy buenas experiencias anteriormente, deliciosa en todo sentido!

    Par T. L. le 02/Mai/2022 :

    Civilité : good strain
    Commentaires : very good flavour ( pineapple ) , and delicious ! i love it

    Par R. M. le 28/Avr/2022 :

    Civilité : Best strain I have tried ever
    Commentaires : Easy, beautiful and the feeling is extremely good. Great strain RQS, Congrats.

    Par P. S. le 26/Avr/2022 :

    Civilité : n1
    Commentaires : a perfect Strain. 5 from 5 seeds grow. Good Job RQS!!

    Par M. K. le 25/Avr/2022 :

    Civilité : Good quality
    Commentaires : Fast shipping,good service,bueno!

    Par C. D. le 11/Avr/2022 :

    Civilité : Homme
    Commentaires : Service très rapide, graine de qualité top

    Par M. B. le 11/Avr/2022 :

    Civilité : Fat Banana
    Commentaires : 5/5 each seed grew large and healthy. I recommend!

    Par B. R. le 10/Avr/2022 :

    Civilité : Good
    Commentaires : Very nice taste to it. Not to harsh to smoke. grew outdoors really well without any issues. all 3 plants came out well without any dead plants

    Par F. H. le 08/Avr/2022 :

    Civilité : Energik
    Commentaires : one of my favorites

    Par A. S. le 22/Mars/2022 :

    Civilité : A.S
    Commentaires : Gouteuse, facile à cultiver. Germination 2/3

    Par C. F. le 21/Mars/2022 :

    Civilité : Super fixe
    Commentaires : muito top :)

    Par R. D. le 17/Mars/2022 :

    Civilité : Tasty
    Commentaires : Very nice plant. 👌

    Par W. S. le 15/Mars/2022 :

    Civilité : Banana Joe
    Commentaires : It was just awesome expierence, but one of three seeds failed. but it was good

    Par A. S. le 15/Mars/2022 :

    Civilité : Banana...super!
    Commentaires : C'è chi dice che è il frutto dell'amor!!! È vero...una volta che l'avrai provata te ne innamorerai perdutamente! Super

    Par E. W. le 11/Mars/2022 :

    Civilité : Very disappointed with this strain
    Commentaires : Having grown for many years, I would say that I have a fairly good idea what I am doing at this stage. I always have a very high success rate with germinating seeds, and only rarely will a seed fail to germinate successfully for me. However, even though I followed my tried and trusted methods, from a pack of three Fat Banana Auto seeds, only one germinated after a prolonged wait, and the plant was very sickly and died soon after. I contacted RQS and explained the situation, and they graciously agreed to replace the seeds, which I thought was excellent customer service. I took some time away from growing, and only got back to it recently, so I was excited to try growing Fat Banana again. Guess what - the exact same thing happened, and out of three seeds, only one very sickly looking plant has grown, which seems to be mutated based on the weird leaf development. I was really looking forward to trying this strain due to the mouth-watering description on the website, but I just can't afford the wasted time and expense of trying to grow Fat Banana, when every other strain I grow thrives problem-free. Maybe it was due to unstable genetics or poor quality control of the seeds, but I won't be bothering with this strain again.

    Par N. G. le 09/Mars/2022 :

    Civilité : Devastante
    Commentaires : Nient'altro da aggiungere. Ottima scelta che raccomando a tutti. Stay high

    Par D. M. le 24/Fév/2022 :

    Civilité : Spettacolare
    Commentaires : Coltivata in Outdoor,spettacolare nella resa e nella qualità!

    Par K. S. le 20/Fév/2022 :

    Civilité : Strong Generics
    Commentaires : One of the strongest starters I have ever had unfortunately my cat made sure it never got to full term but I will be ordering again!

    Par P. P. le 13/Fév/2022 :

    Civilité : as always and expected: a blast
    Commentaires : While I used to grow outside with horrible conditions, this amazing plant managed to make it through the European autumn and delivered some of the best looking, smelling and tasting buds that I've ever tried.

    Par N. N. le 06/Fév/2022 :

    Civilité : all seeds germinate
    Commentaires : 1st time order seeds and was here from royalqueenseeds and im impressed, all seeds germinate

    Par G. C. le 01/Fév/2022 :

    Civilité : Tasty experience
    Commentaires : If you want tasty and fat bugs this is for you ,fruity and yummy one of my favorites

    Par R. F. le 01/Fév/2022 :

    Civilité : Big n tastey
    Commentaires : Powerful fruity tastey buds.. have grown fat banana several times over past two years and its definitely in my top 3

    Par P. M. le 30/Jan/2022 :

    Civilité : Banan
    Commentaires : Great seeds

    Par J. L. le 23/Jan/2022 :

    Civilité : Juergen
    Commentaires : My fiirst grow was with that strain. Until now I `m convinced from FaT Banana. In spring my 2 nd grow with that strain will be an succsess again. I`m looking forward to enjoy this top sort.

    Par B. J. le 18/Jan/2022 :

    Civilité : One of the best
    Commentaires : Fat Banana from RQS is one of my go to autoflowers, Great flavour, great yield, deals with problems well, can't really fault it to be honest. Read a review from someone who has done 25 saying the pheno spread isn't great, I have done 10x that amount of Fat B overall and can honestly say I have never had that problem, only ever get 4 different phenos, all of them great and 1 of them (the rarest as it goes) is a A* 10/10 Cali quality, pheno that makes my mouth water.

    Par D. V. le 12/Jan/2022 :

    Civilité : Super
    Commentaires : Bonne qualité 3/3 germé

    Par T. K. le 10/Jan/2022 :

    Civilité : Great
    Commentaires : Perfect

    Par K. T. le 06/Jan/2022 :

    Civilité : Fat banana
    Commentaires : Weed superbe facile et rapide à faire pousser je le recommande n'hésitez pas

    Par E. M. le 04/Jan/2022 :

    Civilité : guto
    Commentaires : Leider nur 1 von 3 gekeimt aber die eine wächst wirklich gut und sieht kräftig aus :) freu mich schon auf den Geschmackstest

    Par P. M. le 30/Nov/2021 :

    Civilité : Fat banana
    Commentaires : Pas déçu, rendement au top avec des têtes bien généreuses, goût prononcé et très agréable. Effet bien présent ,bon taux de thc. Facile à cultiver. Je recommande 👌

    Par F. M. le 24/Nov/2021 :

    Civilité : good
    Commentaires : buona da usare la sera

    Par F. F. le 24/Nov/2021 :

    Civilité : ottima
    Commentaires : In indoor dopo 4 settimane già alta 80 cm ed in piena fioritura. ottima, aspetto di assaporarla.

    Par L. S. le 23/Nov/2021 :

    Civilité : Can't believe it!
    Commentaires : Amazing yield and phenomenal taste. Can't say more. If you want to start with a nice autoflower, just take this as this is easy a.f to grow.

    Par J. B. le 21/Nov/2021 :

    Civilité : Parfait
    Commentaires : Toute les graine on germer super qualité coppe d abitude .croissance rapide et rendement appréciable mercière rqs

    Par M. R. le 21/Nov/2021 :

    Civilité : Great strain, bit of a handful to grow
    Commentaires : I grew 25 of these total across 2 grows in soil in 20l fabric pots under Mars hydro fc4800s with canna nutes and averaged 4.7oz per plant and 1.6kg in a 120x240 tent, they are a little tricky as they like to stretch and get top heavy so need allot of support but produce really nice sweet powerful bud, one of my favourite autos to smoke, but a little inconsistent phenos and not the best yeild per plant/m² but worth it for a nice personal reserve

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