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Royal Dwarf

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    Par A. R. le 20/Déc/2019 :

    Titre : Royal dwarf
    Commentaire : Nice growing and nice effects !

    Par K. B. le 13/Déc/2019 :

    Titre : First time Autoflowering seeds
    Commentaire : It is the first time that I use autoflowering seeds. It's really great, 3 months and then harvest. Good yield and the grass is really good. Thanks Royal Queen.

    Par R. R. le 11/Déc/2019 :

    Titre : Aromatisch
    Commentaire : Sehr gutes Aroma und guter Ertrag

    Par P. R. le 05/Déc/2019 :

    Titre : Royal dwarf
    Commentaire : Spedizione discreta arrivati in soli 4 giorni lavorativi , senza nessun tipo di problema , riguardo hai semi sono buoni sono nati con un po' di lentezza ma per il momento non ho riscontrato nessun tipo di problema

    Par T. A. le 02/Déc/2019 :

    Titre : nice
    Commentaire : nice effekt great plant

    Par B. R. le 29/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : awesome
    Commentaire : amazing plant

    Par C. C. le 27/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : Great Customer service
    Commentaire : My new babies are currently germinating. I made a mistake with my address and RQS sent me a replacement. Very happy with service, thank you!

    Par D. S. le 25/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : my next "baby"
    Commentaire : waiting to cut the "small" () autoflowering amnesia that is maturing just fine in my minimal growbox, then I'll plant the "bonsai" royal dwarf. I can not wait! great RQS for packaging and delivery, but above all for the gifts he gave me. I will certainly come back to buy on RQS

    Par D. M. le 19/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : Klein aber oho
    Commentaire : Für die Grösse und Die Zeit war der Ertrag top... geschmacklich allerdings nicht mein fall

    Par J. J. le 19/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : Super
    Commentaire : Very happy with the Royal Dwarf strain!! Will buy more from rqs

    Par C. H. le 18/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : Seeds found in week 9
    Commentaire : Started this Seed for My First Grow ever. Went very Well until i realised That the buds Produced some miniseeds in it.I talked to a good friend who is more experienced in growing. He told me It Could be because of changing the lights from vegetative (metallhalogen) to flowering (ndl) .Damnit! Beginner Problems! or Could ist also be That the Genetic is Not solid ? Going to make some budder or oil of it! Smell is fruity with hints of lemon. Hopefully being smarter next grow!

    Par L. C. le 13/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : Week in 3/3
    Commentaire : Got royal dwarf seeds a week ago all germinated and showing first set of true leaves except one which is 2 days behind them but is still growing thank god. Ps only posting for discount code

    Par R. D. le 13/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : First grow going well so far
    Commentaire : Had a rough start with one of the seeds, she’s about a week behind the other two we have going. Looking good so far, can’t wait to try it

    Par S. R. le 13/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : 100% germination
    Commentaire : Great looking seedings on week 3 , transplant into final position in a couple of days. Using Coco perlite and vermiculite, keeping pH within range as much as possible, looking forward to the end result.

    Par M. T. le 08/Nov/2019 :

    Titre : nice but small / great in taste
    Commentaire : very tasty citrus flavoor. small but frosty buds. will try again with different setting of light and nutrients.

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